Enjoy Japan fully in this cherry blossom hanami season!



Name: Eri


Yokohama has a couple of nice spots for cherry blossom viewing (hanami), such as Mitsuike Park, Sankeien Garden, Negishi Forest Park, or Mitsyzawa Park.


The history of hanami is back to 8th centry in Japan, but nowadays, people enjoy cherry blossom viewing as an outdoor party under cherry blossom trees during the day or night. Food, beer and sake are brought to a picnic as visitors bask in the cherry blossoms that fall from the tree. These parties last well into the night as the moon illuminates the pink blossoms.


Many cherry blossom festivals take place in Japan. Gorgeous flowers are main attractions of those festivals, but a variety of traditional Japanese performing arts presented in many festivals can't be missed. Joining tea ceremonies held under cherry trees can be a memorable experience as well. It's fun to stop by festival vendors that sell various food and souvenirs.


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